Why I Love Blogs

Two excellent articles in Fortune Magazine report my favorite aspects of blogging.The articles are entitled “10 Tech Trends” and “Want Truth in Advertising? Try a Blog.”

The reasons I love blogs are:

(1) I have a world of experts at my fingertips. In the past 10 years that I have been reading blogs, I have not made any purchases for our home or for personal use, read any books, watched any movies, done any research without consulting my free experts in each field.

(2) I feel powerful again in the knowledge that individual people do have power over the world we live in (for example, the Trent Lott experience.)  I love the way that blog writers know that those reading their site have the ability to talk back. When was the last time you talked back to the TV or the newspaper?

By the way, I live in the Ft. Lauderdale area and newspapers here are feeling the heat. The last time I gave it up, the newspaper called with an offer of $1.50 for the week for 6 months. I did say yes to that. I am worth more to the newspaper as a reader of their ads (which I’m not) than as a reader of their content. I also get the news seconds old on my RSS news sites including NYT, BBC, etc. Why do I pay for the newspaper?  I love the human interest already available for me to read.

(3) I never was a huge user of email. It works great for business but is labor-intensive for personal relationships. I prefer people in person. But with my blog I send out my messages to the world of many readers so it is quite a time saver. Also, since the people reading my blog can answer me back for all to read, I get instant feedback if I choose to. For the present, I have comments to my blog shut-off but do have published email.

(4) My fourth reason to love blogs is that we live in a sound-bite world. Posts to blogs are generally short. Over the years, although I read a lot, I started long ago seeking out the best parts of the book and skipping the rest. Blogs simplify this for me by having titles. RSS feeds are amazing as I can choose to receive a short explanation with each title. Did I mention again that they are free?

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How We Use Our Energy

“The concept of energy and the flow of that energy in the human body is the core of the current explosion in healing. The healing principle is to “balance” the energy in the body by using relaxation to counter the body’s reaction to stress.” The Berkeley Holistic Health Center

The Changemaker blogs integrate all the tools for living a healthy, balanced life. Many times busy people will see or read something that they would love to integrate into their lives. But they lack the time to plan and execute a total health plan.

Changemaker offers blogs geared toward recreating your life by making healthy choices. With the blogs, you may choose a diet program, a fitness plan, and/or the emotional/mental processes designed to give you higher energy.

You will create your individual plan of dealing with stress, adding exercise you enjoy, finding your life mission, making new time choices, creating a new food plan of foods you love, and feeling empowered. By using the emotional/mental exercises recommended, you will add more energy and vitality to your life.

The Changemaker blogs include mental, physical and emotional exercises that you can use for the rest of your life because a total life make-over is needed to get and stay healthy.

We have spent 30 years researching, enjoying, and implementing self-help, exercise, diet, nutrition, spiritual, emotional, mental, psychology and addiction books. Our central focus is on holistic healing—mind, body and soul. So the Changemaker Library includes the books we have found that have become our “textbooks”.

We have included 50+ books which are incorporated in our Changemaker Library. All of the books used are the choices of Changemaker without solicitation from any author or publisher. We include the title of the book, the author, the ISBN number, and an Amazon link if you choose to order the books yourself.

Our goal is that each person using the Changemaker blogs can create and continually change her/his health plan. Health takes effort to maintain. Each of us needs to know what we need to do to attain our highest level of health.

What does “wholeness”, “balance”, “wellness”, look like? We’ll need to study several models to gain an overview of what choices will be appropriate for our individual life.

Our lives may be divided into five major categories: mental. physical, social, emotional, and spiritual. We are responsible for the quality of our lives and no one else can provide this quality for us. Others can add to the quality just as they can add to our happiness, but they can’t do it for us. We are each given the wonderful opportunity to be whomever we choose to be.

Let’s assign some activities to the five categories:

  1. Mental—reading/studying/hobbies/activities that expand mental abilities.
  2. Social—intimate and casual relationships/having a support system that includes 3-5 people/sexuality
  3. Physical—rest/nutrition/daily exercise/play/recreation
  4. Emotional—experiences wide range of feelings/has frequent feelings of peace, calm, joy/creativity is a daily experience.
  5. Spiritual—sense of well-being and being centered/sense of purpose and direction

For each of the above categories, assign a percentage of your life that you spend on each category. You may prefer to divide into the eight stages of life from The Life Coach Trainer. These sections include physical environment, career, money, health, family/friends, significant other, personal growth/contribution and fun/recreation. Assign the percentages of each to see where you need to rebalance your life.

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Eight Basic Recovery Tips for Physical Health

My eight basic recovery tips for my physical health are:

1. Have a plan for your healing your body and work your plan.

2. Decide your heaviest eating time period. Be sure to have healthy foods on hand for those craving periods.

3. Don’t ever go on a diet. Diets are deprivation. Life is to be lived and enjoyed. Instead develop your own food program. Your food program should include the things you love to eat. Choose to eat from a small plate. Eat half as much as you used to eat.I use a 1/2 cup measure.

4. Remove food temptations from your home. If you are eating right, you will never be uncomfortable after eating.

5. Plan daily times for exercise. You may need to schedule several shorter periods rather than one long one. The new recommendation is for 60 minutes per day. I belong to a gym because it gives me motivation when I see all the other people there. I was not a natural lover of exercise. I am now because I have an exercise plan and I follow it.
But mainly I exercise because it makes me feel better.

6. Divide your exercise among strength, balance, aerobics(cardiovascular), and flexibility.Rotate among these types of exercises throughout your exercise week. The main reason that people don’t complete exercise programs is because they are bored–plan your exercise to be fun. Also learn to monitor your heart rate. Since I am 64 (in 2004), I checked with my doctor first before I joined the gym. I believe anyone at any age should see what their doctor recommends for them. Learn to measure your target heart-rate zone. This zone is the number of beats your heart beats per minute. Learn to measure your heart rate recommended for your age.

7. Develop a list of 20-30 healthy things that you like to eat that are 100-200 calories each. Be sure to include several of these daily and always have them on hand.

8.Break away from people who aren’t supportive of your choice to be healthy. Criticism is not support. You need to be around people that love and support you. From time to time, you may have someone around
you who is draining your energy. They “yes, but” you about everything. I say about these people that I can’t emotionally afford them. How can I help anyone if I allow one person to drain me? Our energy is like a battery–drain the battery, no energy.

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